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Br. John of God now with the grace of God puts himself in yet another and more difficult situation to build a monastery dedicated to his love and faith to our loving Blessed Virgin Mother Mary and her beloved son Our lord Jesus Christ. 

Br. John of God has had such a strong and powerful fervent fire of faith since as a child and a catholic and always was a child to overcome what came to his path and direction.  Br. John of God was never afraid to put himself in situations especially if he knew he was being guided by God. 

Br. John of God always would say, “behind me is Our Heavenly Mother and behind the Heavenly Mother is her Son Jesus and behind Jesus is God the Almighty Father".  Br. John of God now through another heavenly blessings now begins a new task from heaven to buy an abandoned old estate and knew and asked himself, “My Heavenly Queen if this is to your will then please let it come to me if you want it to form your traditionalist catholic order”. Here Br. John of God waits for the sign from heaven.  God works in mysterious ways and the blessings came and now begins the new task of a new construction; the monastery to Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. 

Br. John of God begins to design the old abandoned estate and begins to ask for building materials and benefactors help and the beloved helper’s; men and woman of every denomination to help renovate the old building inside and out.  It took many months and years through rain, cold, sun and lots of sweat but all with hearts of determination and God’s love and Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary and Jesus.  Br. John of God now takes the challenges that always came to his direction, lots of suffering and sacrifices but yet always with the love that so ardently burns within

Br. John of God with the love of God and the Virgin Mother Mary.  The renovations continue to add beauty and peaceful surroundings and atmosphere within the little walls in mother Portugal's monastery, all by the one Hand of God who has guided me with the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary.

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