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The chapel of The Mother of the Throne was built by the founder, Br. John of God.  A man who had determination with great fervor for love for the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. 

Br John of God had begun to build his chapel and kept begging for materials and all that was given to make the dream and reality come to pass for Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. The land was donated and now begins the construction and the will of God with much suffering and strong will, the chapel began to take its structure. Many blessed benefactors began to help to see a foundation of nothing become a beautiful church to our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. 

All the altars were designed by Br. John of God and now begins another chapter on the beauty that is now in the palace of our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary’s house the church.

Br John of God with much sacrifices endured what sufferings would come to his direction but never let it discourage him with lots of prayers and tears of love for the love of his life the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. 

He continued the dream and now would go to another task to build a monastery and many smaller chapels dedicated to Jesus and all that was holy in heaven.  Br. John of God with his help of his benefactors and from different parts of the world continued to be his true brothers and sisters and friends.  The blessings are of great abundance from the Most Holy of Holy from heaven God the Father, Son, Holy spirit and the Mother of God. 

My heart will continue to help guide and help people in my life as many have helped not me but God and Mother Mary's will as I am only an instrument for God's purpose. Many blessings always to all of God's children of this world.  Thank you to all who will continue to help with this beautiful church and monastery renovations.

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